The Story:

Probably one of the most fun ideas I’ve been approached with in a while. Geoff and I were enjoying a nice lunch at The Habbit (a fine establishment to say the least) and he casually informs me that they’re pregnant! What?! I had no idea this was coming and was so excited for him. Little did I know, he had a grand idea of an announcement video as opposed to the more standard photo announcements. Loved the idea and got straight to work brainstorming.

A couple weeks later, we found ourselves at Chipotle (another spectacular eatery) solidifying ideas for this shoot. That next weekend, we spent an entire day scouting. We headed north of Pasadena and looped around into the wilderness behind Mt. Wilson where we found the perfect spot to shoot. Enjoy!

The Couple:

Geoff + Erin Spencer

The Team:

Cinematography by Jordan Walsh

Editing by Geoff Spencer